Introduction to
Laser Treatments
& Safety

A Highly Practical & Straightforward Introduction

Course Location

The International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine

  • B-526 Bryne Drive, Barrie, Ontario

Total Time For Course

  • Pre-Course Materials: 6 hours
  • Practical Training: 5 hours

Course Curriculum

  • 12pm - 5pm - Discussion & Hands-on Rotations

Lasers are the number one area where physicians and nurses overspend because they don't know the business. It is critical that you understand what each laser can do, and more importantly, what it cannot do. Sales people tend to take advantage of naive medical professionals. Beware of the education that comes from them!

This course will include an introduction to the concept of medical lasers including working with them safely, broadband light (BBL), Nd:YAG, diode hair removal, radio frequency skin tightening, resurfacing lasers and microdermabrasion.

Students will learn how to differentiate between skin types, assess needs, set treatment parameters, determine phases of hair growth, and how to present treatment outcomes to your clients while maintaining safety standards

This course will provide you with so much practical information about what lasers are and how they can fit into your Medical Aesthetics practice!

Hands On Training Designed For Your Success

All injectable products are supplied by IIAM
Hands-on rotations are kept to small 3 person groups
Each student will inject 12-15 clients minimum
Your injections will be practiced on patients who are well prepared
You are expected to review the preparation material before the course begins
All training will be done locally at our training centre in Barrie, ON

Course Fee: $1,150



Course Dates

  • August 28, 2023