Cosmetic Neuromodulator Foundations

2 Days
CNPBC Certified

Join the IIAM faculty to learn the fastest growing, and one of the most potentially profitable cosmetic procedures in North America! You will be amazed by how enjoyable it is to work with motivated, compliant patients who wish to improve their appearance and/or look more youthful. This can be accomplished in very little time using Cosmetic Neuromodulators and Fillers.

This is a highly positive environment for medical professionals who may be growing tired of the daily stress of traditional medical practice. It can be incorporated readily into an existing practice for two half-days per week. The potential income far exceeds health insurance plans.

This hands-on introductory course covers facial anatomy, topical anesthesia, consultation process, clinical applications, complication protocols, and brand information (Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin Cosmetic, Nuceiva).

The Cosmetic Neuromodulator course will provide interested physicians, with all the information they need to start working with patients immediately.

All injections are performed on live models, fostering an ideal learning environment, interactive discussions between instructors and clients, and the experience required to build 100% confidence.

Any physician who takes this course is immediately eligible to order Cosmetic Neuromodulators from Allergan, Clarion, Galderma, and other major suppliers.

*Please note that physicians are required to consult with their licensing College prior to training to ensure that they will be eligible to perform these procedures.*


The International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (IIAM) is your gateway to excellence in Medical Aesthetics education. Partnered with MedSpa Partners, a pinnacle in aesthetic clinics, our hand-selected faculty comprises the industry's foremost trainers and experts. Together, we ensure a comprehensive learning experience that synergizes consultation, artistry, and hands-on expertise.


College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia

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Please note The College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (the “College”) has determined that the certification course “Cosmetic Neuromodulator Foundations”, offered by the International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, meets the requirements for a “cosmetic botulinum toxin” certification course.

For more information or to download the certificate application, please visit the CNPBC Website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites of this course?

Before enrolling in the Cosmetic Neuromodulator course, students must consult with their respective licensing College. This consultation is crucial to verify eligibility and ensure that they can perform the procedures taught in the course, per their licensing College's regulations and policies. Each physician is responsible for understanding and adhering to their professional eligibility requirements before registration.

What can students do after taking this course?
Upon completing the Cosmetic Neuromodulator course, physicians will promptly gain eligibility to order products from leading suppliers like Allergan, Clarion, and Galderma. This immediate access enables them to integrate Cosmetic Neuromodulators into their practices seamlessly.

We highly recommend pairing the Cosmetic Neuromodulator course with our "Virtual: Business, Laser & Skincare" for individuals looking to further expand their expertise and services in the medical aesthetics field. This combination is ideal as the latter course provides valuable insights into the business aspects of laser and skincare services, which complements the practical and theoretical knowledge acquired in the Cosmetic Neuromodulator course.

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Course Fee

$4,995 CAD
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Course Location
The International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine - (formerly MDCosmetic Training)
400-2425 Hemlock Street, Vancouver, BC, V6H 4E1

Total Time For Course

  • Self-Paced Virtual Learning: 6 hours
  • Practical Training: 14 hours

Course Curriculum

  • Self-Paced Virtual Learning: Theoretical Lecture
  • Day 1: Upper Face Injections (Frontalis, Glabellar, Crow’s Feet, Orbicularis Oculi) 
  • Day 2: Lower Face Injections (Depressor Anguli Oris, Orbicularis Oris, Nasalis, Masseter, LLSAN, Mentalis)

Other Details

  • Please note that physicians are required to consult with their licensing College prior to training to ensure that they will be eligible to perform these procedures.
  • This course does not include neuromodulators for therapeutic eg. migraine/TMJ.
  • The Cosmetic Neuromodulator course does not cover business or skin health– therefore, our Virtual: Business, Laser & Skincare course is highly recommended.
  • Lunch is provided each day, along with snacks and beverages throughout.
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