Frequently Asked Questions

Is the training really 100% hands on?
Yes – we have developed an extensive pre-course material content, which you are required to learn before arriving at IIAM. After you review the entire package, you will be in a position to actively apply the knowledge to the treatment of clients. We provide clients for you to inject that will best suit your training needs. All the courses are taught in very small groups (3-4 max per teacher/demo client) with intensive hands-on and endless opportunities to ask questions.
Will I be able to provide these services immediately after taking the course?
Yes, in fact, we recommend that you start right away so that you can immediately incorporate your new knowledge base into your practice. Please note that nurses require a doctor's order before they are able to perform cosmetic neuromodulators, fillers, or sclerotherapy treatments. Please note that these courses are intended for medical professionals who are willing to prepare well and are fast at absorbing information – you will learn a lot in a short period of time!
Are the faculty at IIAM available to answer questions after the course?
Yes, they are available by phone or email and will attempt to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding injections, assessment or business. If significant coaching is required, then you will be offered a package of coaching sessions by 30 minute segments.
Can nurses provide treatment like cosmetic neuromodulators or injectable fillers without a doctor's or nurse practitioner’s order?
No, a nurse must have a Canadian physician or NP's order to provide any injections in every province. The doctor however only has to see the patient at the beginning of therapy to outline the treatment plan and provide informed consent. After that, he/she may delegate the actual injections to a nurse. A new consultation is required when there is a change in the patient’s status (e.g., a new diagnosis of cancer), or if two years have elapsed since last seeing the patient.
I am a doctor – should I bring my nurse with me?
Yes, bringing your nurse would be of great benefit. As a physician, you will be able to delegate many of the procedures, plus the nurse will learn from the source how to organize the clients, order supplies, give preparatory history and physicals and grow your business much faster (and often more efficiently) than you could by yourself.
I am a nurse – should I bring my doctor with me?

If a nurse is planning to provide cosmetic neuromodulators, injectable fillers, or sclerotherapy treatments and the doctor has no experience with them, then the doctor needs to attend the course. Not only does the doctor need to understand and appropriately plan the treatments, he/she cannot provide informed consent or delegate a procedure that he/she is not familiar with.

If, on the other hand, the physician is an experienced injector, then he/she is not required to attend this course, unless of course, he/she wishes to!

What about my clinic manager?

We would be happy to invite your clinic managers to register for the business course.

I am a doctor in Ontario – what is this about changing scope of practice?

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has created a process by which physicians may add new areas to their 'scope of practice'. The requisite application form is available on the College’s website - www.cpso.on.ca. In addition, you will need to call the College to ask for a “mandatory questionnaire”. This document must be submitted by you in addition to the Proof of Personal Record of training which we will provide for you after completing the course. Prior to engaging in our training, you should consult with the College about approval for changes to scope of practice or adding new procedures to your practice to ensure that you will be eligible to perform these procedures when you complete our training.

I am a licensed doctor in Canada - will the CMPA cover me?

Yes, if you are covered by the CMPA for family practice, emergency, or obstetrics, you are automatically covered for cosmetic neuromodulator, injectable fillers, and sclerotherapy treatments along with most lasers. It will NOT cover you for IPL (which is a form of light treatment) or for resurfacing treatments. We will discuss the details of this during the business portion of the course.

I am an International Medical Graduate - can I take these courses?

Yes, you are eligible to take our Ontario courses, but just like a nurse, you will require a Canadian-licensed doctor or nurse practitioner’s order to perform cosmetic neuromodulators, fillers, or sclerotherapy treatments in most provinces. Provinces, including British Columbia and Nova Scotia, do not allow IMGs to inject under any circumstances. 

Do the courses satisfy medical and nursing college requirements?

Although we offer courses in keeping with the training requirements for the respective Colleges, all requests regarding change to scope of practice and any additional training requirements to allow members to perform new procedures are considered by the College on a case-specific basis. Accordingly, prior to engaging in our training, you should consult with your College about approval for changes to scope of practice or adding new procedures to your practice, to ensure that you will be eligible to perform these procedures when you complete our training.

Does the Doctor or Nurse Pracitioner who is delegating the procedure have to be in the building?

In Canada, this varies by the province. The answer in Ontario and most other provinces is no, the doctor does not have to be present. However, in British Columbia and Nova Scotia the doctor must be in the building.